Meet Ms. Toye, Holbrook’s Newest Biology Teacher


Vinh Nguyen

The new 10th grade biology student teacher, Ms. Toye.

Vinh Nguyen, Staff Writer

Ms. Sarah Toye recently finished her time as a student teacher with Mr. Zahm’s biology classes at Holbrook Middle-High School, developing her confidence and teaching style. She now works as a full-time teacher after Mr. Zahm left for a job as a clinical researcher at Takeda Oncology in Cambridge.

Ms. Toye enjoys doing projects with her students because it provides them with something other than just doing tests and quizzes. She also guides students along during her lessons to ensure that every student has learned something. Sophomore Jessica West said about this, “I like how she goes over everything with us because it really makes sure I know how to do it. It really helps.”

Growing up, she originally thought she wanted to be a dentist. In her college years, she was getting a degree in biology, and she found that she loved the subject. Near her graduation, she also found that she loved teaching and the school environment more than being a dentist. Ms. Toye adds, “When I got close to graduation I realized I didn’t want to be a dentist for the rest of my life, but that I loved school and helping my friends study and tutoring underclassmen, so I reached out to some professors in the education department at my college.”

Prior to her career at the Holbrook Middle-High School, Ms. Toye taught at St. Joseph School in Holbrook as a paraprofessional. Last year, she observed a few classes for school and liked the atmosphere and the generally friendly behavior in the school. Ms. Toye also knew Mrs. Stevenson personally prior to coming to this school; her daughter Michelle is Ms. Toye’s best friend.

Ms. Toye says of her favorite thing about the Holbrook Middle-High School, “My favorite thing about the school is the size of it. I went to a very large high school and there wasn’t a very tight-knit school community. Holbrook Middle High School is much smaller and all of the students know one another and have known one another for a long time. This creates a very welcoming and safe community for all students, which I love.”

Ever since she has joined the HMHS community, Ms. Toye has been well-received by students and teachers alike for her teaching methods and personality. “Ms. Toye is hard-working and has a bright future in teaching. She treats all of her students with respect and cares about how they are doing in biology class as well how they are doing outside of class,” Mr. Zahm praises. He adds, “Ms. Toye consistently encourages her students to try their best and works to boost student’s belief in themselves.”