Vote Yes on Question 3, My Freedom Depends on It


Garrett Cullity, Middle School Student

It’s very important that you vote yes on question three. As a transgender person, question three is vital. Voting no on Question 3 would repeal the 2016 law that bans discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. This law is just like the laws that are already in place to protect people from race, religion or gender discrimination.

My friend Jay told me, “People should vote yes because trans people are still people and we need the rights to be able to actually live, and they can’t take away our basic rights that protect us against discrimination”.

No one is ever invalid, and I feel like a “No” vote is very degrading to people like me. Being accepted makes me feel so blissful and elated. Being discriminated against makes me feel awful and insignificant.

Statistics say seventy-one percent of people say they would vote yes, twenty-one percent say the would vote no and eight percent were undecided. I want to convince that eight percent and twenty one percent of people to choose yes.

An issue that I saw in the “No” voters’ reasoning was that they thought that is was just for public bathrooms. They think that sex offenders would abuse the law. They don’t realize that voting no will make it harder for a transgender person to get a house and a  job.

Not being able to have those rights and to be accepted can really impact someone’s mental health. There are plenty of pressures already when it comes to being transgender, and being discriminated against should not add to that. This extra stress can make you anxious, sad, angry, frustrated, and fearful, which can lead to bigger problems, even suicide. There is already a very high suicide rate among transgender people. Forty-one percent of trans people have attempted to kill themselves.

A “Yes” vote not only protects the civil rights of transgender people but also sends a message that the state of Massachusetts will uphold the Civil Rights Act and protect its citizens from any sort of attempt to meddle in their constitutional right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.