Pep Rally Closes Out A Spirited Week

Amy Yip, Dhir Patel, and Madison Burnett

This year, the students finished off homecoming with a bang by having a pep rally. This fun event was held on 10/5 at the gym. All the students at the Holbrook Middle- High School cheered on the seniors as they burst through a banner and ran around the gymnasium. Later the students and teachers faced off in a relay race with several silly events, such as dizzy bats, leapfrog, wheelbarrow, hula hoops, and 3 pointers.

Ms. Grant was one of the teachers who helped the seniors at this event. She thinks the pep rally was good for both students and teachers.

Katelin Andrews is a senior here at the HMHS who helped with the pep rally.  She said, “It’s really hard putting it together. You have to make sure the script is right and you have to say things at the right time.”

And lastly Mrs. Stevenson, the principal, thinks the Pep Rally benefits our school because it brings everyone together. She says, “The most frustrating thing during the pep rally was the sound not working. Last year our sound was having some difficulties, so I was a little disappointed this year.” Mrs. Stevenson likes to have this event because it makes us feel like a family.