Meet Mr. Bowen


Amy Yip

Mr. Bowen

Vinh Nguyen, Aaron Cullity, and Dhir Patel

Mr. Sean Bowen is one of the new staff members at Holbrook Middle-High School. He teaches algebra for ninth grade and college prep geometry for tenth grade.

Growing up, Mr. Bowen dreamed to become an NBA and NFL player. Later, he aimed to be an English teacher before he became a math teacher. However, he realized that he wanted to help students find solutions to problems. Mr. Bowen adds, “Math is very straightforward, there is a problem and a solution and you have to find a way to get there.”

He worked at multiple other schools, including Avon Middle High, before he came to the HMHS. In his pre-HMHS career, he taught middle school English, high school U.S. history, personal finance, and math. He finally decided to move to the HMHS because he wanted to teach in a town closer to his home, as he lives just one town away in Braintree.

Mr. Bowen says of his favorite thing about the HMHS, “Right now, after three weeks, I would say the one thing that stands out about Holbrook is the building. I have never taught a school this nice before and it creates a great environment in the classroom.”

Sophomore Deep Patel says, “Mr. Bowen is pretty nice. He explains things well.”

Mr. Bowen has a random name generator every Friday, and whoever gets picked gets to pick the music that will play throughout the classroom which will give the students something to enjoy while working.