Children of Holbrook Star in Children of Eden

Carrietta Jacques, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

For the fourth summer in a row,  students and alumni from Holbrook schools, performed in the First Congregational Church of Randolph’s Summer Theater Program. This year’s production was Children of Eden, a two act musical that tells the stories of Adam and Eve and Noah’s Ark. The students cast in this show included Sam Hobart, Aaron Cohen, Hayli Manning, Sarah Ryan, and Isabelle O’Connor. The Holbrook alumni included: Derek Henry, Madison Christian,
Rachel Robicheau, and Noah Hobart.

The cast was small, but they still had a successful production. When asked how she felt the show went, Sarah
Ryan said, “I think it went really well. This show is meant for a larger cast, and the weeks leading up to it were stressful. All together I think we were able to pull off a pretty good show.”

Aaron Cohen, another cast member, was also proud of their performance. He said, “The music for the show was very difficult, but the cast was very supportive of each other, and all made sure they were doing their best to give a great performance”.

When asked if he would change anything about the show, and Aaron joked, “I just wish the church had air conditioning.”