Heroine of Holbrook: Mrs. Mary Clougher


Sherline Valcimond

Mrs. Mary Clougher backed up by the civics club she advises.

Sarah Ryan, Editor-in-Chief

Mrs. Mary Clougher was recently recognized as an Unsung Heroine of 2018 by the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. Each year, the Commission partners with legislators to identify women who are outstanding citizens in their communities. Senator John Keenan, who represents the Norfolk and Plymouth districts, nominated Clougher because of her dedication to empowering youth through civic action.

At a ceremony held on June 20, 2018, Clougher received an Unsung Heroine award in the Great Hall of Flags at the Massachusetts State House. Alongside one hundred other women, she was acknowledged for using her time, talent, and tenacity to better the town of Holbrook and the Holbrook Middle-High School Community.

Clougher has left a lasting impact on the students that she works with, and they are very proud of her accomplishments. Amanda West, a senior who helped create Bulldogs Care, says, “Mrs. Clougher is such a hardworking and caring person. She is always ready to help out and will be there for you when you need her.”

Over the years, Clougher has volunteered her time through a number of organizations. She is likely most well-known for co-directing the annual musicals, preparing students for successful performances each spring. She has also, however, been an advisor for the South School Soldiers Club, South School Student Council, Middle-High School Civics Club, and the Holbrook Public Schools Chapter of The 84 Movement. She is also on the Steering Committee for Holbrook Cares, a local substance abuse coalition, and even inspired some students to form their own sector of the coalition, known as Bulldogs Care.

Rachel Cohan, a junior who has spent several years in the performing arts department, adds, “She gave us a place to express ourselves and our musical talents.”

Caitlyn Mann, who also performs in the musicals, adds, “She genuinely shows interests in her students. If you’re upset or something happens, she always wants to make sure you’re okay.”

Unsung Heroines don’t always make the news. They aren’t always recognized their work. Mrs. Clougher will, however, always be known for the lasting impact she has left on her students.