Meet Mr. Gordon, New 7th Grade English Teacher


Amy Yip

Mr. Gordon

Amy Yip and Sherline Valcimond

Mr. Nathaniel Gordon is new to Holbrook Middle-High School and also new to teaching. Mr. Gordon will be replacing Ms. Kipp as a seventh grade English teacher, working alongside Ms. Doherty in each of his classes.

Mr. Gordon was inspired to become a teacher by his high school English teacher and soccer coach. He says, “I wanted to specifically teach English because I love to read and write. I want to help other kids find their passions for reading, writing, and storytelling.”

He says that one of his weaknesses as a teacher is that he can be too nice, which makes it difficult when his students are misbehaving. He also says that he is not the most organized teacher yet.

Outside of teaching, he loves to play his guitar, do yoga, read books, watch movies, and do trivia.