Rotating Schedules are Back


Dhir Patel

A look at the returning rotating schedules.

Amy Yip, Madison Burnett, and Dhir Patel

With the school year beginning at the Holbrook Middle-High School, rotating schedules have returned. Last year, most students had the same subjects at the same time each day, but this year every day is different.

Assistant Principal Mrs. O’Driscoll says, “This schedule is better for kids who are often late to the same class because if the student has the same problem the next day, they will be tardy to a different class.”

She says “Both schedules have their pro’s and con’s, but sometimes it’s good to switch it up a bit. The schedules are good for teachers because they can see different kids at different parts of the day and it’s a better opportunity to meet all the students.”  

Some students from the Holbrook Middle-High School have said that they like the old schedules better because the new ones are more confusing.

Each day, the schedule changes. For example, if your schedule on Monday is math, English, gym, science, reading, and social studies, then your Tuesday schedule will start with English and then end with math. The fourth-period class never rotates because of lunch.

Principal, Mrs. Stevenson’s thoughts on the matter are that she thinks the schedules are good for the students and that the high schoolers like the rotating schedule. She says, “Last year I had a lot of high school students ask to switch back to the rotating schedules.”

She says she personally likes the rotating schedules and thinks that they are more beneficial last year’s ones.  

The high school students used to have this schedule, but the middle schoolers haven’t had it before. Some of these students have found their schedules confusing, but know that they will eventually get the hang of it. If you get lost, you can always ask any teacher or classmate for help.