Meet Mrs. Laprise


Dhir Patel

Mrs. Laprise is the new Holbrook Middle-High School’s band teacher. She has been teaching her students (soon to be musicians) for one year now.

Dhir Patel, Junior Editor

Mrs. Kaitlyn Laprise is the new music teacher at the Holbrook Middle-High School and she will be directing all of the school’s choirs and bands. In addition to the existing programs, she has also started an after-school jazz band, which is open to any students in grades 6-12. 

Mrs. Laprise has always loved music and loves working with her students, especially those that are excited to work with her. She says, “I love sharing music with young students who are so happy to be here.” The range of grade levels is very exciting for her because she gets to be involved in her students’ lives for a long time.

Outside of music, Mrs. Laprise enjoys arts and crafts, running, biking, and hiking. She says that if she wasn’t a music teacher then she would probably be teaching another subject, like math.

Mrs. Laprise studied Music Education at Ithaca College and used to teach music at Milton High School. She is replacing Ms. Julie Roth as the band and chorus teacher and Mr. Jeff Hobart as the after-school chorus director.