Student Election Results

Niall Horgan, News Editor

With the new school year underway, many students are taking action and doing their best to help their school in any way possible. This year, middle school students ran for positions in the student council and the freshman class ran for class officer positions.

For the class of 2025, the elected students are Marissa Anastasio, Jacob Arnstein, Garrett Cullity, Jose Daniel, and Jaida Gedeon.

For the class of 2024, the elected students are Derek Fox, Avery Hardiman, Caiden Montas, KelvinĀ  Mungai, Samantha Rupp, and Amy Yip.

For the class of 2023, the elected students areĀ  Bryan Moss, Cailey Mingolia, Emma Pepe, Biana Previlon and Mary Walker.

For the class of 2022, the members of the student council are Briana Cordon, Holly Davis, Ruby Ambroult, Aaron Cullity, Joe Mclaughlin, and Vincent Tran. The class treasurer is Tiana Docanto, the class secretary is Dalice Rodriguez, the class vice president is Bridget Moore and the class president is Marissa Todd.