Online Voting Allows Quick Election Results

Use of google forms increases participation and facilitates vote counting


Madison Burnett

Carrietta Jacques her audience why she should be president.

The results are in, and quicker than in the past. Many students in the Holbrook Middle-High School were running for office in the student government elections. The positions for each class are president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary, in addition to student council, student advisory board, and school council.

This year the students got to vote using their chromebooks. The good thing about voting with chromebooks is that there can not be any cheating involved. Other changes include that students might vote more due to the digital voting process.

Ms. Gallagher says that the competition went well. She said, “We got more votes this year than last  year with the help of chromebooks.” She prefers having the chromebooks for voting instead of paper, because many more people vote due to the ease of voting, and it is also more efficient.

For the juniors, Katelin Andrews won president, Marken Legentus won vice president, Amanda West won secretary and Caroline Curtis won treasurer. The student council representatives are Hayli Manning, Sarah Ryan, Mikayla Spinola, John Kenny, and Jessica Kierzek.

For the sophomores, Niall Horgan won for president, Caroline Duggan won for vice president, Ayoub Ziab won for secretary, and Jonathan Lounge won for treasurer. The sophomore student council representatives are Madeline Connor, Kashly Reyes, Ahmad Paul, Alijaah Paul, and Kerry Walker.

For the freshman Carrietta Jacques won president, Stacey Domingo won vice president, Reona Muse won secretary and Jessica West won treasurer. The student council representatives for the freshman are Emma Curtis, Kylie McKeon, Annie Nguyen, Brooke Walker, and Annester Prezeau.

The student advisory board students are Katelin Andrews, Maddy Connor, Caroline Dugan, Carrietta Jacques, and Isabelle O’Connor. The students that are in the school council are Katelin Andrews and Isabelle O’Connor.

The election this year was a very good opportunity for students to express their opinions by giving speeches and telling people to vote for them. If you want to have a big role in the next school year, then try to consider signing up or voting.