The First Semi-Formal at the New HMHS

Holbrook Middle-High School had its first spectacular semi formal dance at the new school building on May 18th. The dance was for a range of younger students, from sixth to eighth grade. The dance started at 6 pm and ended at 9 pm. At the dance they also had music, pizza, candy, and masks. Many students decided to dance and enjoyed it.

Madison Burnett, a sixth grade student who went to semi, enjoyed herself at the dance. She said, “It was fun, but at the end people started popping the balloons.”

She also said that she would like it if there was another one she could go to. She thinks that there should be a semi formal in the fall and the spring, because you will be able to see how the dance is different at other points in the year. An example of this could be a Halloween or end of the year dance.  

Ms. McKinney is a 6th grade science teacher who went to the semi formal. She says, “We shouldn’t have more semi formals because it wouldn’t be as special if we had a lot of them.” She said that the dance was amazing and everybody wanted to get up and dance their hearts out.

Ms. Pallone is an art teacher and the adviser for the freshman class, which organized the semi formal. She said “We should have more semi-formals because it’s a good way for kids to socialize and dance.” Ms. Pallone liked how students can suggest music but she had to make sure that some of the songs were appropriate.

Semi formal was a special night for the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. It was a very fun and enjoyable evening of the year and many students seemed to like it. Maybe think about going to the next semi formal!