High School Students See Performance of To Kill A Mockingbird

Sarah Ryan, Editor in Chief

Holbrook Middle-High School students recently had the opportunity to see a staged version of To Kill a Mockingbird, a classic novel that explores themes of racial inequality, class, gender, and family. Donations to the HMHS Parent Group from Mr. Shepard Long and Mr. Steven Zeboski allowed the sophomore, junior, and senior classes to attend this production.

The performance was produced by the Classic Repertory Company, an educational outreach program of the New Repertory Theatre in Watertown. After the show, there was a “talk back,” where students were encouraged to share their thoughts about the play. During the session, one student asked about the use of racial slurs during the performance. While many students disagreed about whether or not it was necessary, it sparked an important conversation between the actors and the audience.

Marcken Legentus, a junior who attended the performance, enjoyed the play overall. He says, “I thought it covered a lot of sensitive topics that connected to almost everyone, in more ways than one. For me, the racial stereotypes could be funny at times, but were also a little uncomfortable to watch.”