Holbrook’s New Athletic Trainer


Ruby Ambroult

Steve Laraia, Holbrook’s new athletic trainer.

Jessica West and Harris Jacques, Staff Writer

Holbrook has never had an athletic trainer, but this year, the school building is not the only thing that’s new in Holbrook. The school now has an athletic trainer, Mr. Steve Laraia. He is a healthcare professional who works with athletes of all ages and skill levels to prevent and treat injuries suffered during games and practices. According to Mr. Laraia, an athletic trainer needs a bachelor’s degree in science and sports medicine and to be certified by the national boards.

Mr. Case, the athletic director, thinks that it is very important for the school to have an athletic trainer. He says, “It takes a lot of the burden off of the coaches for having to manage injuries and if an emergency happens they know exactly what to do and where to go.” When asked about Steve specifically, Mr. Case described him as organized, timely, straight to the point, and honest. He says, “[Steve] works very hard and we are happy to have him.”

Mr. Laraia is the first athletic trainer in Holbrook, which comes with its own challenges. When asked about this, Steve said, that “the biggest challenge is educating the student-athletes and their parents about what my role is and what I can do and expect from them.”