Stop! And Play This Game


Ruby Ambroult

Harris Jacques playing Stop, one of his favorite games.

Jessica West, Staff Writer

“Stop” is an electronic word game that you can play with your friends. Basically, the game scrambles categories and gives you five, such as “wedding things” or “unisex names.” Then, you spin a wheel and it gives you a random letter. You have one minute to come up with words for each category. It is sometimes difficult to find words for all the different letters.

If you finish in under a minute, that will be the amount of time your opponent has to play. The game challenges player to think outside the box and come up with unique answers.

This game is particularly popular with the freshman class. Harris Jacques said that he likes the game because, “You can play with your friends and have some friendly competition.”

Caleb Tobin called it “entertaining” and “fun to play with friends.”

On the other hand, eighth-grader Aaron Cullity said, “It was not fun” and “I don’t really like the concept of the app.”

The app for the game is found in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Stop has a 4 ½ star rating in the App Store.