Epic Gym Fail Turns Into Success!


Ruby Ambroult

The drop down projector and large screen in use at the Monteith Kickoff Classic in December

Amy Yip, Dhir Patel, and Madison Burnett

One of the many additions to Holbrook Middle-High School is a projector and screen in the gymnasium. This is an asset to the school, used for important events like the Mr. Monteith Tip-off Classic, and to project fitness videos for gym classes.

The only problem is that the screen broke recently. The projector itself was fine, but the screen wasn’t able to roll up and down all the way. It is believed to have been broken because it was installed improperly.

Mr. Brendan Case said, “I don’t know how much it costs, but I know that it is very expensive, so we want to take very good care of it.” Thankfully, the projector is now completely fixed and fully functional.

Ms. Marjorie Gallagher, the student council advisor, helped plan a video tribute for the tip-off classic. The screen was used to project the video to a large audience. Ms. Gallagher says that using the screen was “an awesome way to show off our school day that day and also pay tribute to Mr. Monteith.”

While they were originally concerned about the quality of the pictures, everything ended up looking great. The crowd enjoyed the video, which would have been difficult, if not impossible, to show without the new projector.

The screen is in tip-top condition, ready to use for more events, so these problems are not expected to happen again. If they do reoccur, the school will continue to adjust it.