New School, New Opportunities, New Challenges


Matthew Mullen, Outreach Manager

Holbrook Junior-Senior High School has been demolished and in its place stands a state-of-the-art K-12 school that is equipped for 21st-century learning. Holbrook Middle-High School has brought a much-needed change; new class options, new technology, and an advanced security system. The various clubs also have new equipment, with a recording studio for video production, a music room and auditorium for performing arts, a new space for robotics, and so much more.

One of the many new additions is the collaborative learning areas throughout the building. Each space has comfortable chairs, ottomans, tables, a SMARTBoard and educational monitors. This an example of a 21st-century learning platform that teachers can utilize to provide differentiated learning. Changing the environment and providing a different space for learning may help students look forward to attending class and focus on the lessons.  With all of the new additions and changes, some unexpected challenges have arisen.

The rollout of one-to-one technology in the form of Chromebooks has been transformative, but this new dependence on technology has its own complications. Both teachers and students require wifi and any lapses in wifi connectivity, even short ones, are highly disruptive.

Despite the challenges that have emerged, the new building is still an amazing addition to the community. The benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks, but that does not mean that the issues should be ignored. With every problem solved, another will arise, and we will have to learn how to deal the next issue. Everyone in the building and many throughout the town have been excited to see the amazing innovations and opportunities that the new building has provided, and we can expect that much more is yet to come.