Holbrook Students Give a Warm Welcome to Gatorade Representatives

Kyree LaPlanche listens as the representative gives out a speech.

Martine Augusma, Sports Editor

Laughter could be heard across the gym on Monday afternoon, as Gatorade representative Jason Murray explained the components of snacks and sports drinks produced by the company. Mr. Murray has been in this position for more than four years and he says the hardest thing about it is the travel. He presents in schools throughout New England, teaching young athletes about sports nutrition.

In addition to explaining Gatorade’s products, Mr. Murray also shared his own words of wisdom about proper exercise and healthy lifestyles. He explained, “The big rule of thumb to remember is, for every hour that you’re doing an activity that involves you sweating, you should be getting about thirty-two ounces of fluids in your body.”

The engaging presentation was organized by Mr. Case, the athletic director. He said “I think that Mr. Murray did a great job. We had over one hundred kids show up and they seem very interested in the products. We still have two more days to administer the actual products, even though Mr. Murray won’t be there.”

When asked about his goals for the presentation, Mr. Case said, “The goal was to educate our student-athletes about proper nutrients and how to fuel their body – before, during, and after, either a workout, practice or game.”

Numerous athletes attended, and all of them walked away with a new perspective about these products. Lucy Ambroult, a sophomore, said the presentation was “definitely great” and “valuable for all students athletes.”

Overall, the event was extremely successful. It was a great way for the athletes of HMHS to be educated about popular athletic products.