Ms. Eaton Leads Cross Country Team

Dhir Patel, Staff Writer

Ms. Betsy Eaton is the new cross country coach at Holbrook Middle-High School. She led them through their third season as a varsity sport after being eliminated years ago.

When asked why she became a cross country coach, she said, “I like to help people feel better about themselves and with running, you feel better afterward because you did something challenging for your body and mind.” She used to coach track during the summer for the Colonial Road Runners and also helps coach Holbrook’s Track and Field team alongside Mr. Flanagan and Mrs. Morgan.

While the team may have had a rough season, each runner improved their time by at least one minute. They dedicated their time each week to running, core work, and consistency. Ms. Eaton hasn’t been involved with cross country outside of the school, she loves trail runs and encourages people to try it.

Some of Ms. Eaton’s hobbies include music, traveling, reading, spending time with friends, and, of course, running, She has been really busy because she was training for the NYC Marathon.

For cross country, the goal is to continue. Ms. Eaton wants the team to work hard and keep improving, competing with themselves so that they are ready for next year. She encourages to warm up each day, run 3 to 4 miles, cool down, and strengthen their core muscles. Ms. Eaton wants to have is a 5K cross country course in Holbrook, which she hopes will be possible next year when the sports fields are completed.