Sophomores Win In Return Of Powderpuff Football

Ruby Ambroult, Staff Writer

After lots of practice and training, girls from the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes took part in a Powder Puff football tournament for the first time in years. Sophomore Riley Cochran says, “We are coming together and playing some football to switch places with opposite genders and just have fun.”

Also Lucy Ambroult says that, “I’m confident in my teammates, and myself. I know that it’s a fair game and the score isn’t what counts it’s all the fun we will have.” This event was originally sophomore class advisor Ms. Gallagher’s idea.

On Monday, November 20th, the tournament began with two games – one between freshman and sophomores and the other with the junior and seniors. These classes played against each other to decide who would be in the championships. After the sophomores and juniors won their first games, 49-0 and 18-12 respectively, they faced each other in the final game. The sophomore class ended up winning that game 28-0. Lucy Ambroult led the team by scoring two of the touchdowns. 

Freshman, Carrietta Jacques, commented on the experience, saying, “Even though we didn’t win, it was a very invigorating and enjoyable experience with our peers.”

There was a great turnout from both parents, teachers, friends, and other spectators. This is an exciting new tradition for Holbrook Middle-High School.