Art Department Welcomes New Teacher

Carrietta Jacques and Amy Yip

This is a year of new beginnings for the Holbrook Middle-High School community, a new facility, a new name and many new teachers.  Not only do students have to adjust to the new facility, but the teachers do too. Especially the teachers who are working in the school system for the first time.  

Ms. Heather Martin is one of the high school art teachers here at Holbrook Middle-High School, alongside Ms. Pallone, this being the first time in many years that the school will have two art teachers.  Ms. Martin has loved art since she was very young.  Her favorite type of art is abstract artwork.  Abstract art does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to accentuate its effects, forms, colors, and textures.

Thomas Denny

She has been teaching for six years now and is looking forward to continue teaching for many years to come.  Previously, she taught at the Montrose School, a private school in Medfield, Massachusetts, as well as Attleboro High School.  She even owned a business, where she taught painting for four years.  

Ms. Martin says she is thrilled about her big, bright new classroom and with meeting students that are excited about the world of art.  She said that she, “Loves connecting and watching students grow through art” and is just as delighted to be teaching in the new building with all of her new students and coworkers.