Vegans to the Rescue!

Hayli Manning, Opinion Editor

Overpopulation and the rising global temperature are growing problems that are only recently being recognized as legitimate issues. According to PETA’s website, “Producing a little more than two pounds of beef causes more greenhouse-gas emissions than driving a car for three hours and uses up more energy than leaving your house lights on for the same period of time.” PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a nonprofit animal rights group that advocates for cruelty-free living. It’s no secret that livestock like pigs, cows, and chickens are taking up resources including food, land, and lots of water.

Producing a little more than two pounds of beef causes more greenhouse-gas emissions than driving a car for three hours”


How much water exactly? The average cow on a dairy farm drinks about fifty gallons every day. This is a shocking statistic, especially considering the fact that over six-hundred million people do not have access to clean water on a daily basis. With a global responsibility to feed over seven billion people, we can not continue living in this manner.

Eating a vegan diet, which means no animal products are used at all, saves water that would have been used on livestock, using it on crops to feed people instead of cattle. Crops like wheat and corn use significantly less water than what is needed to support livestock. Although vegans do require an enormous variety of fruits, vegetables and grains to keep them functioning, the amount of water saved still outweighs the loss.

It may seem that vegans can’t help but to shove their organic patronizing views down your throat, so it’s no wonder many people find veganism annoying. However, when will the wheat-bread, avocado toast and shredded grass salad taste edible enough to choke down? Always! Eating a well planned vegan diet can be delicious, no matter what. There are substitutes for everything out there, including vegan cheese, vegan dough, and vegan pepperoni, all aimed for creating the perfect vegan pizza. Being a vegan doesn’t have to be a huge sacrifice, and the benefits to the planet far outweigh any inconvenience.