Gorman Puts New Video Studio to Good Use

Mr. Zachary Gorman is the instructor for the new video production class that utilizes a state of the art studio here in the new school building. He is also one of the advisers for the after school H-CAM program. H-CAM, which stands for Holbrook Community Access Media, is a club teaches camera mechanics, news broadcasting, and much more. This may be his first year teaching in the school, but he has been training Holbrook students after school for six years.

Mr. Gorman was born and raised in Holbrook and he graduated from Massasoit Community College with an associate’s degree. He decided to teach this subject because he, “appreciates the art form in creating compelling video” and his years of experience makes him a great candidate at introducing the subject to students. He wants to share his knowledge with the students by helping them understand the basics of film making and editing to the more advanced forms of camera mechanics.

He also hopes to open opportunities for them in the field of video production. Moreover, he plans to test and improve their creativity and critical thinking skills, while bolstering their soft skill such as public speaking and communication.

He loves watching movies and television, so if you have any questions about a movie or T.V. series, have a chat with him – maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.