Ribbon Cutting Brings Town Together


Niall Horgan

Members of the Permanent School Building Committee, School Committee, Board of Selectmen, and Massachusetts School Building Authority taking part in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Sarah Ryan, Editor in Chief

Community members, town officials, and local politicians joined together for a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the new facility that will house all of the students in the district. While school has already been in session for three weeks, this celebration allowed members of the community to see how much has changed with their own eyes. There were several speakers at the celebration, including Superintendent Julie Hamilton, Mr. Daniel Moriarty, Mrs. Elizabeth Tolson, Mr. Matthew Moore, Mr. Jack McCarthy, Senator John Keenan, and Representative Mark Cusack.

Superintendent Hamilton said that the new building combines a past that is “treasured and familiar” with technology that is “new, modern and innovative.” She said that it’s hard to believe just two years ago she was standing in the same spot, surrounded by piles of dirt, for the groundbreaking ceremony. She also reminded everyone that this project was a long time in the making; thanking the permanent school building committee, town officials, and everyone else who contributed.

Mr. Moriarty, chair of the permanent school building committee, said that this is “the very best learning environment for students, staff, and families.” He thanked Symmes Mani & McKee Associates, Consigli Construction and Flansburg architect for their vision, noting that this project would have been impossible without them.

Mrs. Elizabeth Tolson, chair of the school committee, had her own list of people to thank, including the Promote and Vote Group and the Massachusetts School Building Authority. She said that she was at orientation in August, and “the children didn’t know what to look at first.” When discussing the tours that would take place later in the day, she said “I hope you experience the same awe and amazement.”

Mr. Moore began his remarks by saying “the old adage ‘good things come to those who wait’ is true to Holbrook.” He continued to explain just how much effort has gone into creating the new building, reminding those in attendance that everyone involved dedicated a lot of time and energy to the project. He specifically mentioned the former superintendent, Mr. Joseph Beata, saying that this complex was part of his vision.  Quoting one of his high school coaches, he concluded by saying, “If everything in life were easy, you’d never know if it was really worth it.”

Senator Keenan, who was visiting Holbrook for the second time this week, had a message for the students. He said, “Give it your all – in the classroom, on the field, in the music room, in the media center. Give it everything you have.” He also noted that meeting all of the young people in Holbrook reminded him that “our better days are yet to come.”

Mr. McCarthy, Executive Director of the Massachusetts School Building Authority, said that his relationship to this project “is sixty-six days short of ten years in the making.” He said that it’s important to thank the people of Holbrook, because “who votes to raise their own taxes?”

Asking students to thank the adults around them, he reminded the crowd that “it literally took a village here.” He also said to have faith in the students, remembering a quote that says “a school is a building of four walls with the future inside.

Representative Cusack said that he wanted to keep his remarks short. Speaking on behalf of himself and Representative Mariano, he congratulated the town on the new facilities. He said that it will “certainly provide the students and staff with the resources they need to excel.” When asked if there was anything he would like to say directly to the students, Cusack replied “This is a beautiful facility, take care of it. These people have invested in your future. I wish you all the best of luck.”