School Election Results Are In


Sharlanda Colon gave an attention grabbing speech about her future promises as Secretary for the class of 2019

Although many students ran for different positions in this long election, the results are finally in.

Starting with the class of 2018, class President is Savannah Barros, Vice President is Declan Hiltz, Treasurer is Matt Mullen, Secretary is Noah Hobart, and Student Council Reps are Gyanna Andino, Martine Agusma, Veronica Chapel, Ryan Elusma, and Genesis Martinez.

The President of class of 2019 is Katelin Andrews, Vice President is Faina Etienne, Treasurer is Caroline Curtis, Sharlanda Colon as Secretary, and Franeric Couamin, Jessica Kierzek, Sarah Healy, Marcken Legentus, and Hayli Manning as Student Council Reps.

For the class of 2020, Alex Whitehead won as President, Caroline Duggan as Vice President, for Treasurer Jonathan Lounge, Secretary is Lucy Ambroult, and Student Council Reps are Jacob Abrogar, Maddy Connor, Niall Horgan, Kerry Walker.

The Study Advisory Board consists of Gyanna Andino, Katelin Andrews, Savannah Barros, Maddy Connor, and Genisis Martinez.

State Student Advisory Board are Sharlanda Colon, and Nathalie Pimentel.

The School Council representatives are Katelin Andrews and Savannah Barros.