Senior Spotlight: Danielle Mercier

Joanah Diala, Editor-in-Chief

Danielle Mercier is one of the class of 2017’s most well-rounded students. Her achievements are recognized not just by the teachers of Holbrook High but as well as the rest of the student body. Aside from being an honor roll student, Mercier juggles her high school career life with various other involvements.

Mercier is the captain of Holbrook High’s varsity girl’s basketball team, the varsity volleyball team, and the girls track and field team. Along with her sports activities, Mercier is also the class treasurer of the 2017 class and the National Honor Society. She participates in the school’s Student Advisory Board and Dove, an organization that advocates against domestic violence. “Being a captain of these teams, as well as just a teammate, has taught me how to lead a group and how to work with others.” From having such leadership positions, Mercier is able to contribute to her community by leading her fellow peers with positivity and success.

Mercier emphasizes that the importance of her involvement with the wide range of activities she participates in. Students typically tend to stay within the boundaries of what they already know and what makes Mercier stand out is that she involves herself with multiple different activities whether it be sports or being part of the student government.

Graduation day is quickly approaching for the class of 2017. Danielle Mercier plans to attend college after high school to prepare for a career that is heavily influenced by her interest in crime investigation programs on television.

“My major selection for college was inspired from these various shows. Forensic science and anything related to crime solving has always intrigued me. In the future I hope to become a forensic scientist.”

With her involvement in many different activities, Danielle Mercier has easily become one of Holbrook High’s best known students and with her determination and hardwork, her future is brighter than ever.