Making New Traditions

Joanah Diala, Editor-In-Chief

With the new school building, comes new expectations. Grades PreK-12 will be the attendees of the new school building of Holbrook, which means more students, more staff, and more resources. With all the new responsibilities on the horizon ahead, it seems only fitting to change the scheduling system of the school as well. With Holbrook High School’s current class schedules, each student has 6 classes, each running for 55 minutes. Because of the old school building’s space and resource limitations, students are also limited to certain courses and with the new scheduling system, this is planned to be changed. With the plan of implanting a “block schedule”, each student will have a total of 8 classes. This way, more courses will be available to the students. The issue of graduation credits were also addressed upon structuring the new scheduling system. As of today, students must pass every single one of their 6 classes in order to graduate high school. With the 8 class schedule, the faculty is hoping for this issue to be resolved. Of course, there is still the question of how much credits will be required to graduate with the new schedule? Does this mean that students don’t have to pass every class in order to graduate? This aspect seems to suggest that one class is more important than the other, but there is still much room for alterations. Ms. Stephanie Kipp, 7th grade English teacher as well as the head of the English Department, says that this new schedule plan is still to be determined by the teacher’s union for final approval at the end of the year. This definitely leaves a lot of time for any changes and or improvements to this “block schedule” system. The future seems to be full of new opportunities for the students and staff of Holbrook.