Kyree LaPlanche scores 1,000 points

Joshua Aime, Boys Basketball Beat Reporter

In a game against South Shore Christian Academy on February 23,2017, junior guard, Kyree LaPlanche was 4 points away from getting 1,000 points.  With 996 career points, Kyree would drive in the paint and make an acrobatic layup to get 2 points. Only 2 points away from getting 1,000 career points,the game continued. Later on in the game, Kyree would intercept a pass on a fast break from South Shore Christian Academy, as he took the ball and drove into the paint for a layup.  With the layup being made, Kyree had achieved 1,000 career points as a junior.

In an interview with Kyree about how he felt about getting 1,000 points he said:” It was a great accomplishment, it felt good. It’s something I really thought I wouldn’t be able to do, but I did it”. He was also asked how it was like for him before scoring a thousand career points,he responded with:” There was a lot of pressure on me, there was a lot of people telling me that if i only scored 2 points out of the whole game, they would never come to the games, so I had to score 1,000, it really felt good overall, I was excited.”