The Saint Joseph Christmas Performance

Lauren Lynch, Writer

     The Holbrook Junior Senior High School chorus took a trip to Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church, to sing and tap dance, for the senior citizens who attended that church. The seniors were very gracious, and one of them even got up and danced with Santa Claus. The chorus members did their deed to help the community by adding some swing to their Christmas party.


The crowd was appreciative, and even gave a standing ovation. The chorus was kindly asked to sing more Christmas classics such as, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” During the performance, seniors Derek Henry and Rachel Robicheau sang a rendition of “Silent Night”. Soon after they were accompanied by the rest of the chorus to finish out the song. After the song was over there was a moment of awe, which happened with a number of the songs the chorus performed.
Mr. Hobart, the after-school chorus conductor, was proud at this, as he told them before the performance that if they did well, people would be amazed and have to take a second to acknowledge the beautifully performed song. And they did just that.