Interview with Coach Buckley


Joshua Aime, Boys Basketball Beat reporter

In an interview with the new JV coach Mr. William Buckley, the first thing that Mr.Buckley said when asked about how he feels about being the new coach was, “I graduated from this school and it is a treat to come back here, and work along side with a legend like (varsity Coach) Mr. Gifford.”

Mr.Buckley also said, “There was no one to fill in as a coach, and if no one did it, there would be no JV team. I love basketball, kids, and Holbrook.”

The last thing that was said by him was, “I am learning from them, and they are learning from me. This is a work in progress and it will take time.”

Buckley wants to help out Holbrook as much as he can. This is a man who has came in to be a coach, and to help the JV players get better, and take their skills to the varsity level.

Billy Curtis, one of the players from the JV team, had high praise about his new coach, Mr. Buckley. Billy Curtis said, “He is a good coach, and I like his playing style, and how he is unselfish on how players should pass the ball.”

He also said, “He is tough on us, but it will help us get better, win a few games and we will become better overall.”