Ecuador trip of 2020.

Ecuador Trip Planned for Next Year

January 4, 2019

Students in grade 9,10, and 11th will be able to travel a trip to Ecuador. This trip will be held in the year, 2020. To go to Ecuador, you first have to pay a whopping $2,900.

Mrs. Ariana McCann said that she got this idea from Carly Joseph , who has been asking her for years. She said, “this project has been two years in the making.” Mrs. McCann also told us in the next three years she hopes to have another trip to another place for the kids that are in grades 6, 7,and 8.

Emma Curtis, a 10th grader at HMHS, says “ I very excited to go to Ecuador. When I heard that there was a trip, I couldn’t give it up.” She also said to us, “ I’m very excited to experience the culture in Ecuador.”

Ruby Ambroult, a 9th grader, she is very stoked to be able to take pictures in the breathtaking, Ecuador. She said, “ I decided to go because it’s a great opportunity to explore outside the country again.”   

Skylar Gagnon, a 11th grader at HMHS, signed up for this trip because she has always to travel the world and that this was the best way to first it off.  She says, “ I am most excited to see the different cultures and interacting with the people that are from Ecuador.   

Sadly if your a senior this year, you will not be able to go on this trip. But if you’re in 9, 10, and 11th grade, you can sign up. If you want to sign up for this trip to South America, talk to Mrs. McCann as soon as possible.

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