Quantum Physics: Ideas of the Future


Dhir Patel

The inside of a 3D printer

Dhir Patel , Editor in Chief

When you think of the future, what do you imagine it to look like? 

Maybe you picture advanced cars, artificial intelligence, or new technology. One of the biggest fields that could benefit our understanding of the future is quantum physics. 

Quantum physics is described as the study of matter or energy at the smallest level visible to study. This area of study allows us to see the effects and assets of the building blocks that make up the world we live in. Understanding this has led to many breakthroughs and discoveries such as the recent discovery of the relationship and movement of the spinning between paired electrons, which is a particle that makes up matter. It is also the breakthrough in transforming medication and healthcare to make taking it faster, less painful, and more specific to the condition that someone has.

One of the biggest things that people are still trying to understand is the connection between quantum physics, space, and time of the world. If we understand the relationship between them, it can allow people to manipulate the way people think time works in the world and applying these ideas to gravity would also change how we would normally expect things to move and work.

The benefits that this topic will bring to the future will help fix many issues. People are able to use it today to help medically with artificially 3D print organs created with nanotechnology and scientifically with new theories and explanations changing many of the ways that things today would operate. 

Kevin Monteith, Robotics mentor at Holbrook Middle-High School, had studied quantum computing in his undergraduate level at college. Quantum computing is a different field using the ideas of quantum physics on computers which process information with certain subatomic particles within an atom like quarks. He states, “Quantum computing uses many of the laws of quantum physics to achieve its speed and processing power.” Monteith continues by describing how quantum computers can process information faster than any other computer before. He recognizes how this topic will benefit the future in science because it can be used to solve problems such as computers having to run at a temperature close to absolute zero in order to work.

To this very day, quantum physics is expanding. Many other topics relate to quantum physics and apply the ideas to other topics, like quantum computing. The study of this field takes a lot of hard work and understanding of the complex parts of the world. It is growing and growing, and one day we will think differently about the parts of the world as the physicists today will create new ideas and theories to benefit our world in the future.