Will The Red Sox Be Buyers This Offseason

The Red Sox have now finished two seasons since their historical 2018 run. During these two seasons, however, the Red Sox have gone 108 and 114.
The main reason for this is that our pitcher has been injured, but in 2021 we will be getting back Chris Sale and Edrudo Rodrigez. They also have not been getting a lot of good bullpen players, meaning the Red Sox will most likely be buyers this offseason due to the fact that they have a lot of money. This profit came from trading Mookie Betts and David Price. The Red Sox have a couple solid pitchers with Eduardo Rodriguez, Nathan Evoldie, and Chis Sale. Sale might come back in the middle of the season, as Tommy John is out for surgery.
There is a chance that the Red Sox will sign Kolten Wong, as he appears to be a Dustin Pedroia like-player. The Red Sox need a legit second baseman, and Wong would be a promising choice. They could also try to sign someone like Brandon Kinziler or Aj Romos. Kinzler has shown consistency and is a good sinker ball pitcher, while Aj Romos is a veteren that could teach the younger players better pitching techniques. If they become buyers, there is hope that they will sign a couple of good players. They have also already signed Hunter Renfroe to a 3.1 million dollar contract, along with Matt Andriese to a 1.85 million dollar 1 year contract.
Renfroe did not do well in 2020, but in 2019 he hit 33 home runs and 1 triple, giving him a 64 RBI. He had a .216 batting average a .289 on base, all while only walking 46 times and striking out 154 times. He had a .489 slugging average and a near .800 ops. Andriese also struggled in 2020, having a 4.50 era and 3.1 walks per nine. As a result, his so9 suffered, coming to a 9.3.