2020 Spirit Week

Ugly Sweater Day! Sophee Bellew: Home alone sweater Shailash Haley:Lama Molly Chiocca:Light Bulb necklace Ayla Baptista:Sweater with bows Allyson Johnson:elf

Spirit Week for Holbrook Middle High School this year in 2020 was different because of the hybrid learning model for students and teachers. Instead of just one week of different spirit activities, all cohorts dressed up in various fashions across the course of multiple weeks. Each cohort received the opportunity to show their school spirit while physically attending school on their respective days.
Cohort A students did spirit activities on the Mondays and Thursdays that they went to school, Cohort B students did the spirit week activities on the Tuesdays and Fridays that they went to school, and Cohort C did them on all the days except Wednesday.
The first spirit week activity took place on Monday, November 30th and Tuesday, December 1st. This was named the 50th Day of School, where students and teachers dressed like it was the 1950’s to celebrate this milestone in our academic year.
The second spirit week activity, which took place on Thursday, December 3th, and Friday, December 4th, was Holiday Hat Day. On these days, students and teachers wore their craziest hats to school, representing many different holidays such as Christmas, The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc.
The third spirit week activity took place on Monday, December 7th and Tuesday December 8th, where students and teachers dressed identical to a friend, teacher, or celebrity on Twin Day.
Like every year, the fourth spirit week activity was Class Colors Day, taking place on December 10th and 11th. Each grade was instructed to wear a different color to represent their grade. 6th grade wore yellow, 7th grade wore orange, 8th grade wore green, 9th grade wore red, 10th grade wore purple, 11th grade wore white, 12th grade wore black, and all staff and faculty wore blue.
The fifth spirit week activity was Ugly Sweater Day, which stayed true to its name. On December 14th and 15th, teachers and students wore their most festive holiday sweaters, perfectly representing this famous holiday tradition.
The seventh spirit week activity was the classic Blue and White Day, held on December 17th and 18th. Students and staff wore blue and white to flaunt their bulldog pride, another spirit day that happens every year. It truly can’t be spirit week without a Bulldog Pride Day!
To end the year, the last spirit week activity took place on December 21st and 22nd. Many students look forward to this Pajama day, where students and staff wore their favorite pjs to school. Some dedicated students and staff even celebrated holiday-themed onesies!
Spirit week, or weeks, was an uplifting experience for all students in this very unique year.