“IT” Movie Review


Stacey Domingo, Staff Writer

Originally written as a novel by Stephen King, “IT” hit the theatres like a storm. The 2017 release of “IT” was a re-make of the 1990 original. The remake came out on September 8, 2017, and is rated R. Since its release date, thousands of people have gone to see the movie. “IT” made a large sum of $117.2 million opening week.  Rotten Tomatoes rated “IT” a 85%, and many critics say the movie was a good coming-of-age horror film.

In the film, a group of young kids came together to bring down a clown named Pennywise, who abducted young children from Derry, Maine, and ate them as a meal. One of Pennywise’s well-known phrase is, “You’ll float too.” with a red balloon showing up throughout the movie.  In the movie, there are many different challenges that each young individual has to face, and get through in order to work together to defeat a common enemy.